5 Best DIY Bathroom Decorating Projects (with Instructions)

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October 29, 2018
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5 Best DIY Bathroom Decorating Projects (with Instructions)

diy bathroom decorating projects
Why hire an interior designer when you can give your bathroom a whole new allure on your own? You now have access to several lovely DIY bathroom decorating projects, complete with information on materials and step-by-step tutorials on how to execute them like a pro.

The projects are ranked progressively depending on their overall difficulty level, from beginner to expert, and everything in between. Whether you’re just starting out with crafts or have advanced skills, you will certainly find inspiration for your bathroom below.

Hooks DIY

"What's a hammer?" (Beginner)

Category: DIY coat hooks

Location: Bathroom/ kitchen/ hallway/ bedroom/ office

Time Estimate: 3 minutes per hook

Installing a few hooks directly into the wall of your bathroom is a great way to save space. You can hang towels, bathrobes, or even a clean change of clothes from them before hopping into the shower. What makes the project so appealing besides its simplicity is its versatility, as it can be pursued in a number of other rooms to similar effect.

Steps to Take in Making DIY Wall Hooks

1 Mark the place on the wall where you want to install your hook.
2 Find the right position for studs with the stud finder.
3 Hold the hook and drill the screw right through its opening to secure into the wall.
4 Repeat as many times as you need until you’ve installed the desired number of hooks.

Bath Mat DIY

"I can mow the lawn." (Intermediate)

Category: DIY bath mat

Location: Bathroom

Time Estimate: 2 hours

The following tutorial on how to make a bath mat makes perfect use of old towels. It is a fun and responsible way to recycle things you no longer need, and it is financially advantageous as well. What's more, you can choose any color scheme you want for the mat. Therefore, matching your overall bathroom design becomes quite easy and accessible.

List of Materials

  • Three old towels
  • Needle and thread
  • Dressmaking pins

    Steps to Take in Making a DIY Bath Mat

    1 Take your old bath towels and cut them into equal strips.
    2 Choose three strips, one of each color, and sew them into place at one end.
    3 Pin the sides of each strip together to create a tube.
    4 Start braiding the towel strips and take the pins out along the way.
    5 Once you reach the end of the strips, sew corresponding ones into them to continue.
    6 Repeat the process as much as needed.
    7 Secure the very last part into place to create the desired spiral design pictured above.

    Change Door Knobs and Cabinet Handles DIY

    "I do everything myself." (Advanced)

    Category: DIY door knob/ DIY door handle

    Location: Bathroom/ every other room of the house

    Time Estimate: 2 hours

    Knobs and handles often break or begin to get shabby. As a result, a quick refurbish will do wonders for the overall appeal of your bathroom. Our most important tip here is to find a place that sells quirky or antique knobs. As long as they're still working, you'll easily upgrade the looks of your bathroom (or the whole house). Remember though, antiques need a thorough cleanup before they'll look good.

    Steps to Take in Replacing Door Knobs and Cabinet Handles

    1 Choose your hardware before you jump into the technical part of the project. Buying vintage decorative pieces is a great idea, but if you’re feeling inspired you can also try upgrading plain ones using spray paint.
    2 Unscrew old door knobs and cabinet handles, as well as their corresponding latches. Use either a screwdriver or a power drill for the process. The latter is a faster and easier alternative.
    3 Install the new latch and knob using the same tool and enjoy your revamped bathroom doors.

    Mason Jars Storage Rack DIY

    "I do everything myself." (Advanced)

    Category: DIY rack

    Location: Bathroom/ kitchen

    Time Estimate: 2 hours

    When it comes to DIY bathroom decorating projects that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, the mason jar storage rack is fantastic. It is an excellent way to save cabinet space without creating clutter inside the room itself. Moreover, it will make your bathroom worthy of any dreamy Pinterest board.

    Steps to Take in Making a DIY Mason Jar Storage Rack

    1 Mark the spot where you want your mason jars to go on the board.
    2 Screw in the hose clamps.
    3 Secure the picture hangers on the back.
    4 Slip the jars inside the clamps and tighten them into place.
    5 Organize your daily necessities in them, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, cotton buds, makeup remover pads, and so on.

    Stained-Glass Window in a Bathroom DIY

    "Store reps ask ME for advice." (Expert)

    Category: DIY stained glass

    Location: Bathroom/ kitchen/ living room/ bedroom

    Time Estimate: Variable, but the project should be reserved for the weekend

    For the homeowner that is ready to take on more complex DIY bathroom decorating projects, putting in a stained-glass window is an amazing idea. Although quite challenging, it's a sure way to amp up the charm of the space and add a unique touch. The simple way out would be to stick stained-glass wallpaper on your already existing window, but it won’t look the same. In any case, the results will be breathtaking.

    Steps to Take in Making a DIY Stained-Glass Window

    1 Install the window frame in the wall using the drill. If you have some carpentry skills, you can make it yourself. Otherwise, stick with the store-bought variety.
    2 Build your own window frame, if preferred, with the help of some wood panels, measuring tape, a circular saw, nails, and a hammer. Depending on the size of the stained-glass piece, design the frame accordingly.
    3 Insert the stained glass into the frame. You can buy a premade one, or decorate your own using stencils and acrylic paint.

    Gathering Everything Up, Letting Our Creativity Loose

    All in all, the sky is the limit when it comes to refreshing your bathroom's image. My personal favorite out of the five DIY bathroom decorating projects discussed above certainly has to be the mason jar storage rack. It is the perfect mix of efficient and decorative, as its elegant and minimalist charm beautifully blends with its storage purposes. What project are you looking forward to pursuing today? Whichever it might be, I wish you the best of luck!

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