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To make things easier, LetsMakeTogether.com and its staff will also be referred to as “we,” “this website,” and “our website.”

LetsMakeTogether.com is your source of inspiration for any DIY project, be them DIY at Home or DIY in the Garden ones or even Holiday and Events DIY. We come with great DIY Ideas and DIY Gift Ideas that fit any pocket and skill levels.

The following will help lay down the basic rules and regulations of all future interactions between our website and its users and visitors and which should also be respected during reader to reader exchanges.

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The aim of these rules and regulations is to help maintain the security and privacy of our website and its content as well as that of its users, visitors, and any data they might share.

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The Privacy Policy page offers a complete look at the different ways in which this website collects data, and also how it stores and protects it.

How to Use Our Content

All of the pieces of content and materials available on our website can be used by our readers for general information purposes. The staff team can, nonetheless, modify or delete information without first informing readers of such changes.

Product information such as the materials or manufacturing techniques used or the customers’ opinions about it can change as time passes. Our staff will work on keeping it up-to-date and will not be held responsible for any possibly dated content.

The Rights & Responsibilities of Our Visitors & Users

Users and visitors can use all content on this website in any of the ways specified and allowed in the sections above. Readers are, however, responsible about the information they distribute online, which means that:

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Our Website’s Intellectual Rights & Copyright

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Interested readers must first request and wait to receive our express approval before using copyright-protected content. The license we extend allows visitors and users to download a piece of content for non-commercial, personal use.

Readers are not allowed to copy and modify our content for their personal public display, be it commercial or non-commercial alike. They are also forbidden from migrating it on other servers or removing copyright markers with the aim of claiming our content as being theirs.

The failure to comply to these rules and regulation can lead to our pursuing legal action, as does the use of spam-type content such as spam emails.

To correctly distribute our materials and content on other platforms, please make sure to also include a link to the source, be it the specific web page, or the LetsMakeTogether.com homepage.

Third Party Ads & Links

LetsMakeTogether.com will include the links and ads of several third parties and their resources. Their purpose is to provide the reader with relevant, user-friendly ads, and improve the online experience.

Readers that decide to follow and share personal information with third party entities are solely responsible for their actions. Each third party works according to its own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Affiliate Program on Our Website

Some of the third-party links on this website will lead to online retailers including, but not limited to Amazon.com. Our website will gain a small percentage of the earning of a purchase made by following our referrals. The presence of an affiliate program will not affect product prices or the sincerity of our reviews.

This Website’s Liability Limitations

We will use information provided by the manufacturers, customers, and retailers when writing our reviews and articles. While we strive to keep it up-to-date, changes may nonetheless appear over time. This website is not responsible for any possible misinformation or damages brought by dated content or the sources we link to. The liability of this website is limited to the full extent of federal or state laws.