Privacy Policy

To make things easier, and its staff will also be referred to as “we,” “this website,” and “our website.”

The following will discuss the ways in which collects personal and non-personal data from its users and visitors. It will also explain why such information is gathered, and how it is stored and protected. This website collects information mainly for statistical reasons and with the aim of increasing its online visibility and performance.

Types of Information We Collect

Our website will gather both non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable data from users and visitors but under specific circumstances. Namely, personal details will only be collected after requesting and receiving the user’s approval to do so. Non-personal information mainly refers to the standard type of cookie and log files data.

Examples of Non-Personal Information We Collect

This website will gather data relating to the online experience of our readers while on this site. Such information is non-personally identifiable, meaning that it cannot be used to identify or track the identity of the readers.

Non-personally identifiable data we usually collect:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) data (e.g., the IP address);
  • Typical browser information
  • Lists with the web pages and websites commonly visited by readers before and after using this site;
  • Logs of the online behavior patterns and browsing history of our readers while on this site.

Examples of Personal Information We Collect, and When We Do So

As already specified, this website will wait to first ask and receive a user’s explicit consent before collecting personally identifiable data. We do not frequently gather such information because of its sensitive nature given by the fact that it can be used to track and identify users.

When collected, typically gathers contact-related personal data such as a complete name (surname and first name), a physical address, physical address, phone number, and social media handles, and possibly geolocation or gender-related details.

Personally-identifiable information is mainly used to ease the communication with the user and for statistical purposes as our website seeks to provide relevant content that fits the reader interests. declares that it will never share personally identifiable information with third parties for financial or commercial benefits.

Ways in Which We Collect Information

We will make use of the following to collect the personal and non-personal data mentioned in the above:

1. Sign-Ups or Register Requests

This website will collect personally-identifiable information only through sign-ups. Register requests help make sure that readers that sign-up offer real, personal details which match their identity. Personal user data, as already stated, is primarily used to improve our communication with our users.

Any and all personal user data will be kept entirely confidential.

2. Cookies

Internet ‘cookies’ are pieces of code that help gather background data on the navigation patterns and online behaviors of a user. This website will nonetheless first ask and wait for the readers’ explicit approval before using cookies. We compile cookie data for statistical reasons.

Cookie data cannot be used to track, identify, or verify the user or visitor identity.

3. Log Files

Log files are a sort of record of the time and clicks spent by a website visitor or user on a specific web page. They also record browsing-specific information such as the browser agent in use or the previously visited web page. We compile log files for statistical reasons.

Log files data cannot be used to track, identify, or verify the user or visitor identity.

How This Website Uses the Information It Compiles

The types of information mentioned in the section above are statistically relevant, this also being the principal reason why our website collects it. Such data can offer a clearer look at the interests, needs, and desires of our visitors and users, which can then help improve the website’s content and performance.

This website will never distribute or sell the personal or non-personal data it collects for financial gains, but it might allow access to it in exceptional circumstances.

Companies that provide SEO, marketing, or web hosting services may offer access to user data to a limited and small number of employees that will be strictly prohibited from further distributing it. may also have to allow access to personal or non-personal user data in compliance with the laws, warrants, rules, regulations, court orders, or subpoenas of state or federal institutions.

Note: This Privacy Policy only addresses and does not include the ads used by third parties such as online advertisers in displaying personalized content to the readers. Each third-party entity is solely responsible for the security and protection of the information it collects.

How This Website Protects Information uses a triple-step security system which utilizes electronic, managerial, and physical protection to guarantee the security and confidentiality of all the data it stores and collects.